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What is Fostering?
Fostering is a way of providing a family life for children and young people who cannot live with their own
Fostering differs from adoption because the local authority in which the child or young person lives remains
responsible for them as their 'corporate parent', therefore foster carers get an allowance to cover the cost of
caring for a child and any additional required support. Additionally, the links with the child's birth family are
maintained through regular meetings.
In the UK, the fostering care can be categorised into three groups:

Emergency and short -term fostering:
          the child stays with a foster family temporarily, while plans are made for the child’s future

‘Family and friends’ or ‘kinship’:
          A child being cared for by the local council goes to live with someone they already know,
          usually a family member.

         Not all children who need to permanently live away from their birth family want to be adopted,
         so instead they go into long-term foster care until they’re adults.

Applying for Fostering

You can apply to be a foster parent by contacting your local council or a fostering agency in your local area.
The application process has 5 steps:

1. The council or agency will collect information about you, including a Disclosure and Barring Service
(DBS) check and a health check. Other household members over 18 will also be DBS checked.
2. You’ll attend a group preparation session with other people who are applying.
3. Your suitability to foster will be assessed. This can take up to 6 months.
4. Your application will be sent to an independent fostering panel, which will recommend if you can
become a foster carer.
5. Your fostering service will make the final decision.
Additional information on fostering:  and
Download information related to fostering.
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